50 Favorite Cars – Celebrating 50,000 Likes

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To celebrate the 50,000 likes and to keep people from boredom during this lock down, let us go back to the top 50 favorite cars we featured over the past 8 years of Lumang Oto. These are those that had the most likes, most commented, most shared or most viewed cars we have featured over the years in random order. Remember folks, stay home, save lives and enjoy the photos of these oldies.

1987 Mitsubishi Lancer GT. This car has been so cleanly restomoded and the bright orange color is just so eye catching. Car is owned by Jone Ong
1979 Toyota Corona RT132 we fondly call the “Macho Machine” has been restored in detail down to its correct nuts and bolts. This car was featured at “Resurrection of the Macho”. Car is owned by Jiji Gonzalez Rotor.
1959 Volkswagen Beetle that has been meticulously and correctly restored down to its smallest detail. The car is with the family since new and has been passed on to the next generation. Current custodian is Ting Benedicto
1972 Toyota Celica RA21 owned by Rally R. Matoza. From its flared fenders to the Watanabe wheels, everything was correctly done with this Toy
1977 Mitsubishi Lancer “Bar Type” nicknamed the Drit Drit.  This car sits low on 13” Enkeis wrapped with period correct low profile tires. Car is owned by Bu Raot (Please don’t ask me if that’s his real name)
1960 Mini Pickup is one heck of a rare ride. This car is owned by Edwin Gallardo
1971 Toyota Corolla we fondly call the “Peanut” is equipped with a 2TG motor. The bright orange paint screams fast even when it’s parked. This car is owned by Pocholo Gatmaitan
1987 Lotus Esprit in an “arrest me officer” red owned by Frank Ilem. This car was featured at “Lotus Espionage”
1967 Camaro SS that looked so factory stock, yet a sleeper with a modified 350ci under the hood. This muscle car is owned by Rommel Alberto and was featured at “Brutal To The Bones”
1972 Datsun 240Z that was restored in detail to a brand new condition. Car is owned by Mike Gomez
1973 Toyota Carina that looked so fresh and bone stock, it seems like it just came out of the factory in 1973. This multi-award winning car is owned by Nestor Rabanal
1986 Mitsubishi Lancer GT of Corix Mendoza Jr. that has been so cleanly done. Car sits on period correct 15” Ewing wheels.
1979 Plymouth Arrow that was imported from The U.S.A and now resides in Caloocan City. This car is owned by Richard Perez
Toyota Corolla SR KE35 is very simple yet so correctly done. Car sits low on some period correct 13s. This Corolla is owned by Sevenofive Cadsawan
1993 Kia Pride CD-5 – no we don’t often feature newer cars at Lumang Oto but we put some exceptions to the rule once in a while. This Kia Pride was featured at “Driven With Pride Against The Current” and is currently owned by brothers Joseph and Jonathan Librojo
1978 Plymouth Arrow (a.k.a. Mitsubishi Celeste) that won the 2019 Best Mitsubishi award at the Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach, California. This Mopar/Mitsubishi is owned by Romeo Genilo
1968 Toyopet Corona equipped with a Black Top 4AGE motor. Car is owned by Son Son Lim
1975 Toyota Celica 2000GT Liftback. The silver gray metallic paint and the murdered bumpers give this car a combination of a modern and period look. Car is owned by Arwyne Reyes Macaisa
1973 Toyota Corolla TE27 equipped with a 2TG motor is a multi-award winning car owned by Dennis Erwin Aquino. This car was featured at “The Green Mango Shake”
1946 Willys Jeep dropped to the ground and is powered by an SR20DET motor. This “owner” Jeep owned by Joel Tan was featured in Super Street Magazine and has also been featured at “Slammed Owned Jeep – A Filipino Version Of The Hot Rod”
Mercedes Benz 300D W123 may be among the cleanest example out there. The car subtly sits on 15” Bundts. Owned by Patrick Ian Garcia
Toyota Corolla TE70 may be the cleanest example you could see out there. This Corolla is from Southern California and is currently owned by Jon Domingo
1976 Toyota Corona RT100 that was kept in the family since brand new. This car was featured at “The Extra Out Of The Ordinary”
1946 Willys Overland Wagon looked so stock yet a restomod. This Willys was featured at “Rendition Of A Dream” and is owned by Martin Oliveros Semilla
1979 Toyota Corona RT132 “Macho Machine” powered by an 18RG motor. This Toy is owned by Andrew Marcella
1986 Mitsubishi Lancer EX 1800 GSR Intercooler Turbo that was imported from Japan and has undergone a complete ground up restoration. Car is owned by Nino Aventajado
1979 Mitsubishi Celeste sitting low on some period correct 13s. This Celeste is owned by Gus Cordovez
1978 Datsun Fairlady G-Nose owned by Gerald Hidalgo. This very car was the current owner’s dream car the first time he saw it when he was a young teen not knowing it will eventually land in his possession a few decades later. This car was featured at “Unexpected Reunion From A Childhood Fantasy”
1973 Toyota Corolla that has been in the family since 1979. This car is owned by Aristotle Speedy
Ford Escort RS Mark 2 Tarmac equipped with a 2.0 L motor with twin side Weber 45s. Car is owned by Valentin T. Nunez.
1969 Ford Mustang owned by Mario Solomon has sparked a lot of controversies at Lumang Oto. The car is powered by an inline 6 250ci yet a Mach 1 per Marty Report
1980 Toyota Levin that was featured at “A Deal Done Right”. This car was meticulously restomoded, sits low on 13” Watanabes and equipped with a modified 2TG motor. This Corolla won the Best Corolla award at the 2019 Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach. Car is owned by Patrick De Leon
1980 Ford Escort Mark 2 RS is so rare, it’s 1 of 40 RS units released by Ford in the Philippines. This Brenda is owned by Mike Pena
1973 Pontiac Firebird is among the last of the true muscle car prior to the oil embargo of the 70s. This Firebird is equipped with a 350ci motor and has the controversial opera window at the B Pillars that was dealer installed in 1973. Car is owned by Cris Perez
1977 Rally Dodge Colt (a.k.a. Colt/Mitsubishi Lancer) is rally inspired and is currently owned by Dennis Erwin Aquino
1972 Volkswagen Type 1 that you might want to call a rat bug. This VW is owned by Juan Miguel Corral
1975 Ford Escort RS2000 Zakspeed equipped with  DOHC Cosworth engine with 4 link rear suspension and has been setup for Tarmac Racing. Car was imported from the Philippines and currently resides in Los Angeles. This Escort is owned by Rolly Puket Africa
1973 Toyota Corolla SR5 that has been meticulously restored and it’s so fresh, it looked like it just rolled off the showroom in 1973. This car is owned by Russ Capulong and has been featured at “Orange Mango Time Capsule”
1969 Ford Escort Mark 1 Mexico has been kept in the family since new. The car is owned by Obet Roldan. This car was featured at – “An Escort That Never Left The Family”
1973 Mazda RX3 equipped with a 500 plus horsepower turbocharged 13B rotary motor. Car is owned by Angelo Angeles
1986 Toyota Corolla AE86 is the car that practically put drifting on the map. However, with all modified AE86, it’s refreshing to see an all original unmolested version. This Corolla is owned by Amiel Del Rosario
1970 Ford Mustang Fastback equipped with a full race 302ci motor and currently owned by an 18 year old lady Adora De Leon
1991 Toyota Corolla AE92 represents the most liked Street Neoclassic with the car sitting low on period correct 15” Vegas. This Toy is owned by Law Martinez
1979 Volkswagen Beetle Type 1 is a multi award winning car from Mindanao and is currently owned by Michael Ciudadano
While many prefers the 2 door version, this Toyota Starlet KP61 4 Door is a standout and has been cleanly done. This car is owned by Jun Secuelan
1972 Nissan Skyline a.k.a. Hakosuka has been a SEMA car and featured in multiple car magazines including Super Street. This car is owned by Joel Tan
1971 Toyota Celica RA20 owned by Nestror Rabanal. The bright canary yellow  paint gives this car a stunning racy look. And it’s not just show, it’s all go, as this car us equipped with an 18RG motor.
1973 Toyota Corolla KE25 that sits low on TRD Tosco wheels. Car is owned by Rafael Virata
Another Lancer Boxtype that was cleanly done with an eye catching metallic green paint. Car is owned by Jon Dale Porcioncula
Last but not least, the 1956 Ford Customline in a very sad and sorry state shared by Pariz Franz


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